SPDL Playoffs Day 2

2023 — Fort Washington, PA/US

Dramatic Performance

Abbreviation DP
Format Speech
Entry Fee $0.00
Entry Limit Per School 6
Entry 1 competitors per entry

Event Description:

Time Limit:

• Maximum - 10 minutes, including introductory and transitional material other than the author's words. Material thus used should be limited to one minute. If the speaker goes over a 30 second grace period, that contestant must not be awarded first place. No minimum time.

Judging Criteria:

• Introduction: The introduction should name the work and author, provide necessary background information, and establish the mood. If using a teaser or if lines from the selection are used in the introduction, the speaker must adhere to the rules of the event.

• Material: Single or multiple character cuttings should be considered equally. The student should be able to capture and convey the emotional and intellectual depths of the characters, as well as the development of both the characterization and plot. Consideration should be given to the literary merit of the selection.

• Characterization: Each character should be interesting, engaging, and lifelike. The performer should create a physical, vocal, and temperamental existence suited for each character. The performer should keep these choices consistent. The performer should use his or her face, eyes, and body to create the characters effectively. Each character should show the intent of what he/she is wanting, thinking, feeling, and remembering when speaking and reacting. Characters should appropriately develop and/or deepen as the plot or story line progresses.

• Multiple Characterizations (if used): The transitions when moving from one character to another should be clean and crisp. The pacing of transition should reflect the tempo of the interaction.

• Environment: Each character should create a world around him or her. Movement should be used to create a three-dimensional environment in which the characters exist. Pantomime, if used, should be accurate and realistic. Gestures should be fully realized, creating in just the right way what the performer intends the audience to see. When doing a multiple character selection, the performer should create effective interaction between the characters.

• Overall Effect: The overall performance should build to various moments and have a climax. The story should be complete and easy to follow. The performance should display another world outside of the performance space.

Additional Judging Criteria:

• The presentation may be either serious or humorous and should have some literary merit. Important consideration should be given to the quality of the selection. • While singing is permitted, it should not be excessive or dominate the performance. Judges’ ranks may reflect if singing has dominated the performance.

• Single or multiple character cuttings will be allowed. When doing a multiple-characterization the performer should create effective interaction between the characters.

• Although this is primarily a display of vocal ability, body language will play a part in the overall performance, and since it is a drama, more vocal and physical suggestion may be required in order to portray characters, conflict, and story. However, no physical action should be performed that will distract the listeners' attention from the drama being presented. The performance should display another world outside the performance setting.

• While generally delivered standing, some students will not be able to do so with their presentation space for online competition.