Saints Classic

2023 — Ridgeland, MS/US

Duo Interpretation

Abbreviation B-DUO
Format Speech
Entry Fee $20.00
Entry Limit Per School 10
Entry 2 competitors per entry

Event Description:


  • The selection shall require no more than ten (10) minutes. There is a 30-second grace period. Students who exceed the time limit by more than thirty seconds should not be given first place in the round.

  • The selection shall be a cutting from a single published work of literature. Recorded material that is not published is not acceptable. Lines which are attributed to a character in the published material may not be attributed to another character in the performance. The original of the piece must be present at the tournament for verification purposes.

  • Participants will establish focus for the other character, but except for during the introduction, eye contact is not allowed.

  • The selection must be memorized.

  • The two performers may play one or more characters as long as the performance of the two competitors remains as balanced as possible.

  • Participants should react to each other’s verbal and nonverbal expressions, but they may not touch each other. Touching during introduction is allowed, however.