Tigers Eye Practice Tournament

2022 — Bentonville, AR/US


Abbreviation MIME
Format Speech
Entry Fee $20.00
Entry Teams of between 1 and 3 competitors

Event Description:

RULES: 1. Entrant(s) must present one selection. Selection cannot exceed 5 minutes.

1. Selection must be ORIGINAL—no re-enactments of Marcel Marceau, Red Skelton, etc.
2. No lip-synching or audible vocal sounds by the performers are permitted.
3. Performers may use prerecorded non-vocal musical accompaniment or prerecorded non-vocal sound effects.
Entrants must provide a CD player, or Bluetooth speaker connected to a phone which operates on batteries. No plug-ins available.
4. Only solo or duet performances are permitted.
5. If the performance is a duet mime, each participant must be actively involved in the scene.
6. The introduction must include only the entrant’s (or entrants’) name(s), and title of mime piece. Time
will begin when a performer moves after conclusion of introduction.
7. Props or theatrical make-up are not allowed. In duet mime, an actor wearing dancewear and coordinated clothing of combinations of black and white or colors is acceptable.
 8. Any suggestive acting that denotes sexual activity of any kind except kissing and embracing is forbidden and will result in disqualification. No explicit sexual language or profanity of any kind is allowed.