Clash Valley Ridgeline High School

2022 — Millville, UT/US

Congressional Debate

Abbreviation CG
Format Congress
Entry Fee $0.50
Entry Limit Per School 4
Entry 1 competitors per entry

Event Description:

Congress is an event in which students take place in a mock congress round. You will be assigned to judge along with a few others. In this event students present bills on a prepared docket, give speeches on those bills, and answer questions.

The students will begin by electing a chair. The chair will keep things moving and run the show. At the end of the second session, have the students vote on the best chair.


Skill (Score between 0-2 for speaker points)

Explanation of Skill to be Demonstrated


Parliamentary Procedure

0 1 2

Clear in explaining protocols and rulings


0 1 2

Fair and efficient in recognizing speakers and questioners, and maintains appropriate speaker precedence and recency


0 1 2

Maintains decorum of delegates, and willing to rule dilatory motions/business out of order


0 1

Fosters a respectful, professional, and collegial atmosphere


0 1

Overall use of language, avoiding unnecessary verbiage