Cavalier Invitational at Durham Academy

2023 — Durham, NC/US

Original Oratory

Abbreviation OO B
Format Speech
Entry Fee $35.00
Overall Entry Limit 120
Entry Limit Per School 5
Entry 1 competitors per entry

Event Description:

The contest comprises only memorized orations actually composed by the contestants and no used by them during a previous season. No visual aids are permitted. Any appropriate subject may be used, but the orator must be truthful. Any non-factual reference, especially a personal one, must be so identified. The time limit is 10 minutes with a 30 second “grace period.” If the judge finds the student has gone beyond the grace, the student may not be ranked 1st, but need not be ranked last based on time. The ranking is up to the individual judge’s discretion. No minimum time is mandated. Not more than 150 words of the oration may be direct quotation from any other speech or writing and such quotations must be identified in a printed copy of the oration supplied upon request of the tournament director. Extensive paraphrasing from other sources is prohibited.