Cavalier Invitational at Durham Academy

2023 — Durham, NC/US

Impromptu Speaking

Abbreviation IMP A
Format Speech
Entry Fee $35.00
Overall Entry Limit 120
Entry Limit Per School 5
Entry 1 competitors per entry

Event Description:

A judge in each room shall be provided an envelope containing a uniform set of topics, with a different subject area used for each round. Topics will include proverbs, abstract words, events, quotations, and famous people. Once the first speaker is called, the other speakers shall leave the room, and wait outside the door. Each speaker will draw three topics, choose one, and return the other two to the envelope. The speaker has seven minutes in which to prepare a response and present a speech without consultation of prepared notes. Students may consult published books, magazines, newspapers, and journals or articles thereform, provided 1) they are originals or photocopies of originals, 2) that original article or copy is intact and uncut, 3) there is no written material on original or copy, 4) topical index without annotation is allowed. No other material shall be allowed in the room other than state above. Speeches, handbooks, briefs, and outlines shall be barred. Underlining or highlighting in materials will be allowed if done in one color on each article or copy. No electronic retrieval device may be used, but printed materials from online computer services may be used. The maximum time limit is 7 minutes with a 30-second “grace period,” which includes both preparation and speaking. If the judge finds the student has gone beyond the grace, the student may not be ranked 1st, but need not be ranked last based on time. The ranking is up to the individual judge’s discretion. No minimum time is mandated.