Lawrence High Forensics Invitational

2023 — Lawrence, KS/US

Sat - Original Oration

Abbreviation OO
Format Speech
Entry Fee $4.00
Entry Limit Per School 6
Entry 1 competitors per entry

Event Description:

Oration -- (OO). This is an event in which the student has the opportunity to express himself/herself on an issue of importance to him/her. The speech often (though not always) develops a problem and a solution. The speech is to be a persuasive speech of not more than ten minutes. Content: Ideas should be solidly supported with examples, statistics, illustrations, expert opinions, etc. The speech should be logically developed. If a solution is called for and presented, it should be workable and practical. Delivery: Like the informative, this is a prepared speech. Speakers should be expected to have relatively polished skills in eye contact, voice, gesture, etc.