WHS Mustang Middle School Debate Invitational

2022 — Houston, TX/US

TV Commercial

Abbreviation TVC
Format Speech
Entry Fee $5.00
Entry Teams of between 1 and 3 competitors

Event Description:

Time limit is 1 to 3 minutes. (Starts when the first performer starts)

LIMITED PREPARATION EVENT - improvisational event

Performer(s) pulls "product" from bag then immediately begins their pitch.

– Props/Costumes/Chairs/Desks/Music (etc.) allowed

– Movement/blocking strongly encouraged

TV Commercials are for one to three people. No introduction is necessary. The art of a commercial lies in the student’s ability to say a lot about the product in a short amount of time. The product being presented must be an original idea of the team, not something taken from another source (such as spoofs from Saturday Night Live).

Props, costumes, music, and anything else necessary to try to sell the product will be allowed, as long as it is good taste. Catchy jingles or phrases are encouraged. Judging will be based on originality, persuasiveness, creativity with props and costumes, vocal/facial/body expression, and use of space by the whole team. The commercial, props and costumes should be done in good taste and appropriate for a school environment.