RFSDI Inauguration Day Scrimmage

2022 — NSDA Campus, VA/US


Abbreviation ST
Format Speech
Entry Fee $0.00
Entry 1 competitors per entry

Event Description:

Purpose of Contest: To encourage appreciation of the art of telling a good story in a way that will fully engage children in the dramatic values, with apparent spontaneity, and with directness, simplicity, and enthusiasm without distracting the audience through faulty pronunciation and indistinct enunciation.

Contest Regulations:

1. A contestant will present a children’s story, not exceeding ten minutes in length including an introduction. Contestant must present the same selection in each round of a given tournament. Any contestant who exceeds the established time limit by more than 30 seconds may not rank first or score highest in the round. The adjudicator will not provide time signals, students may not time themselves, no notes may be used and a contestant may not use a story he/she has presented in a regional, super-regional, or state contest in a previous year. Each contestant is to work alone without costume or props since he/she will be judged only on storytelling ability. Gestures are encouraged; however, the movement must be restricted to movement in place. The contestant should assume that the audience consists of a group of children. The contestant may differentiate characters by the use of different voices, focal points, and body postures.