FGCCFL January Tournament

2022 — Dover, FL/US

Extemporaneous Speaking

Abbreviation Ext
Format Speech
Entry Fee $20.00
Entry Limit Per School 6
Entry 1 competitors per entry

Event Description:

Each student draws three topics on current issues; chooses one and has thirty minutes to prepare a speech. Any periodical or other published material is permitted in the preparation room. Students may not refer to any written notes during the speech. The selection must be delivered from memory with a maximum length of seven minutes.

All Extemporaneous Speaking Rounds will feature questions in one of the following topic areas:

1. US policy (domestic and foreign), politics, and elections

2. Domestic affairs of countries other than the US and foreign policy of all countries (including the US)

3. US and/or global economic policy, business, and trade

4. Social issues, culture, science and technology

5. Political cartoons (contestants will devise and answer a question based on the cartoon)