Mustang Mashup 2020

2020 — Eagle, ID/US

Extemporaneous Speaking

Abbreviation EXT
Format Speech
Entry Fee $10.00
Entry 1 competitors per entry

Event Description:

Time: 7 min. maximum

Time signals: provided

Draw Event Topics selected/prepared in draw room Competitors will choose domestic or international news upon arrival. Topics will be chosen from those provided by the NFHS during the three months prior to State. The draw room will post three topics in each category (domestic and international) from which each speaker may choose. Additional sets of topics for each speaker will be posted every seven minutes. He/she will have 30 minutes to prepare, and may use an index and research periodicals during this time. Resource materials will not be provided by the tournament. During the presentation, the contestant may use a 4 x 6 note card written on one side. The topic will be handed to the judge before the contestant speaks and returned to the tab room by the judge at the conclusion of the round. The speech should be a synthesis of fact and opinion on the topic - not a memory test of any particular magazine.