Novice Tournament Extravaganza

2019 — Newcastle, ME/US

Duo Interpretation

Abbreviation DUO
Format Speech
Entry Fee $14.00
Entry 2 competitors per entry

Event Description:

Two speakers using a piece dramatic, humorous, or both in nature, presenting strong, believable characters and a mood conducive to the subject matter. Allows for movement and dramatization—sometimes by popping or snapping quickly and simply between characters—to build vivid scenes. Each speaker may assume more than one persona, or speakers may share personas (like the narrator), to establish unique characters, clear interaction, distinct relationships, and a complete story. Speaking roles should be balanced.

Partners are challenged to interact and react to one another without looking at or touching each other except during the introduction. At minimum, presenters are expected to stand nearly shoulder-to-shoulder, but use of space and blocking is flexible and encouraged so long as the presenters follow these two rules and maintain a coherent presentation.

No costuming or props. Outside of grace period cannot be first. Memorized after November (else last place).

Handbook description on Indicate time of delivery. Provide complete and constructive feedback, especially a reason for your rank. See or text Tab 207-370-4632 for questions.