California Middle School Championship

2016 — CA/US

Institutions in Attendance

Arnav CA
Atiiva Academy CA
BASIS Independent CA
Cesar Chavez Middle School CA
Challenger School SY CA
Champion School CA
Communication Academy CA
Dougherty Valley Bridge CA
Elite of Los Angeles CA
Frick Middle School CA
Griffin Academy CA
James Lick CA
Katia Nagarajan Independent CA
La Reina CA
Miller Middle School CA
Milpitas High School CA
Nova 42 CA
Silver Creek Academy CA
Stratford Independant CA
TCA Independent CA
Terman Middle School CA
The Golden State Academy CA
The Harker School CA
Velasquez Academy CA
Visitacion Valley Middle School CA
Westlake Middle School CA
Wilshire Academy CA
Wilson Middle School CA
Young Genius Academy CA