Barkley Forum for High Schools

2023 — Atlanta, GA/US
Lincoln-Douglas Paradigm List
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Laurita Abner Ft Lauderdale High School 6 rounds
Chansey Agler Perry High 6 rounds
Jonathan Alston Newark Science 3 rounds
Lucas Bailey Midtown High School 5 rounds
Judy Becker School Without Walls High School 3 rounds
Pia Anand Benadikar Plano Independent 3 rounds
Christy Brockman duPont Manual High School / Youth Performing Arts School 6 rounds
Christopher Brown Buchholz High School 6 rounds
Eduardo Canedo Jackson-Reed High School 6 rounds
Chris Castillo Strake Jesuit College Preparatory 3 rounds
Isaac Chao Heights High School 6 rounds
Sebastian Cho Memorial High School 6 rounds
Maanik Chotalla Brophy College Prep 6 rounds
Amanda Ciocca Christopher Columbus High School 6 rounds
Brett Cryan Millard North High School 6 rounds
Sreyaash Das San Mateo High 6 rounds
Matthew Doggett Trinity Preparatory School 5 rounds
Bennett Dombcik Isidore Newman School 6 rounds
Danielle Dosch Immaculate Heart High School 6 rounds
David Dosch Immaculate Heart High School 6 rounds
Cyprian Dumas Hire 6 rounds
Brice Ezell The Lovett School 3 rounds
Michael Fain Auburn 6 rounds
Eddie Fitzgerald Poly Prep Country Day School 2 rounds
Nick Fleming The Harker School 2 rounds
Brett Fortier Vestavia Hills High School 6 rounds
Patrick Fox Challenge Early College High School 3 rounds
Colton Gilbert Little Rock Central 6 rounds
Enya Gu Saratoga HS 3 rounds
Miguel Harvey L C Anderson High School 6 rounds
Chetan Hertzig Harrison 6 rounds
Julia Hunter The Harker School 1 rounds
Karthik Iyer Vestavia Hills High School 6 rounds
Sohail Jouya Cypress Bay High School 3 rounds
Sheryl Kaczmarek Lexington HS 4 rounds
Aaron Kim Hire
Arthur Kulawik Ft Lauderdale High School 6 rounds
Eva Lamberson Hawken 6 rounds
Crawford Leavoy Durham Academy 6 rounds
Lotem Levy Pine View School 3 rounds
Dylan Liu Hire 3 rounds
Vik Maan Lexington HS 5 rounds
Amit Mahajan Millburn High School 3 rounds
Akshay Manglik The Harker School 3 rounds
Ethan Massa Durham Academy 3 rounds
Jonathan Matthew Heights High School 6 rounds
Cale McCrary Westlake 6 rounds
Jack McKyton Monta Vista High School 6 rounds
Jonathan Meza Harvard-Westlake School 6 rounds
Leo Mokriski Hire 3 rounds
Amy Nyberg Solebury School 6 rounds
Temitope Ogundare Greenhill School 3 rounds
Adesuwa Omoruyi Hire 6 rounds
Chris Palmer Hire 6 rounds
Jacob Palmer Hire 1 rounds
Jason Paul Trinity Preparatory School 4 rounds
Scott Phillips Harvard-Westlake School
Ronald Poole Hire 2 rounds
Chris Randall Newark Science 2 rounds
Anshul Reddy The Harker School 3 rounds
Hanna Rice Hire 1 rounds
TJ Riggs Ramsay High School 3 rounds
Hailey Robertson Marlborough School 6 rounds
Tajaih Robinson Lake Highland Preparatory School 6 rounds
Moon Roy William G. Enloe HS 6 rounds
Rafael Sanchez Coppell High School 6 rounds
Jungwoo Seo Hire
Samuel Shafiro Hire
Jared Shirts Hire
Zachary Siegel Strath Haven 6 rounds
Elijah Smith Greenhill School 3 rounds
Allyson Spurlock The Harker School 3 rounds
jasmine stidham The Kinkaid School 3 rounds
Jordan Stone Ardrey Kell High School 6 rounds
Fiker Tesfaye Grapevine High School 3 rounds
Aaron Timmons Greenhill School 3 rounds
Adam Torson Marlborough School 3 rounds
Becca Traber Lake Highland Preparatory School 3 rounds
Logan Viera Hire 2 rounds
Christopher Vincent Isidore Newman School 3 rounds
Ben Waldman Brophy College Prep 2 rounds
Kristopher Wallen Hire 3 rounds
Annie Wang William G. Enloe HS 6 rounds
Ed Williams Hire 1 rounds
Lisa Willoughby Hire 1 rounds
Mark Winokur Midtown High School 4 rounds
Qian Xia Princeton Independent 3 rounds