Hannie Shaft Southwestern College

2020 — Chula Vista, CA/US
Policy Judge Paradigm List
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Reece Aguilar University of Southern California 2 rounds
Joseph Barquin Southwestern College 6 rounds
Tom Boroujeni Fresno State 1 rounds
Max Bugrov Cal State Fullerton 5 rounds
Travis Cochran Southwestern College 6 rounds
Deven Cooper CSU Long Beach 3 rounds
Izak Dunn Arizona State 3 rounds
Charles Eichel Hire 3 rounds None
Michael Eisenstadt CSU Long Beach 3 rounds
Tom Gliniecki UNLV 3 rounds
Tony Johnson Southwestern College 3 rounds None
Alexander Kraft Hire 4 rounds
Joel Lemuel California State University - Northridge 6 rounds
Eric Maag Southwestern College 6 rounds
Leslie Mariscal CSU Long Beach 3 rounds
Primavera Martinez Fresno State 6 rounds
Jordan Mills Southwestern College 6 rounds
Connor Munsinger UNLV 3 rounds
Jeanette Rodriguez Salcedo Fullerton College 4 rounds
Joel Salcedo Fullerton College 5 rounds
Gordon Stables University of Southern California 2 rounds None
David Sylva Hire 6 rounds
Adam Symonds Arizona State 3 rounds
Jessica Tero Cal State Fullerton 3 rounds
Ryan Wash Weber State University 2 rounds