Isidore Newman School Invitational

2019 — New Orleans, LA/US
PF Judges Paradigm List
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John Bergeron St Paul's High School 2 rounds
Donald Broussard Baton Rouge High School 5 rounds
Mitchell Bullington Hire 1 rounds
Kellyn Burke Dulles High School 2 rounds
Kevin Combest Castle View HS 6 rounds
Doug Elliott Hire 6 rounds
Brixz Gonzaba Baton Rouge High School 3 rounds
Austin Greber Hire 1 rounds
Michelle Gripenstraw Brentwood High School 6 rounds
Grant Gussman Hire 2 rounds
Brandy Hauwiller Gulf Breeze 6 rounds
Mario Herrera Henry W Grady HS 4 rounds
Laura Hicks Cabot High School 6 rounds
Timothy Huth The Bronx High School Of Science 4 rounds
Ben Lanners Duchesne Academy of the Sacred Heart 6 rounds
Jared LaReau Hire 1 rounds
Darin Maier Hire 1 rounds
Scout Malloy Carrollton 6 rounds
Noah Mengisteab Duchesne Academy of the Sacred Heart 2 rounds
Jackson Mobbs Cabot High School 6 rounds
Jimmy Mott Niceville High School 6 rounds
Marissa Musk SpeakFirst 3 rounds
Kristina Plunkett St Mary's Dominican HS 6 rounds
Susan Ramsey Henry W Grady HS 6 rounds
Eddie Randall SpeakFirst 3 rounds
Douglas Rehm Hire 6 rounds
Christie Rogers Oxford HS 2 rounds
Wesley Saylor St. Andrew's Episcopal School 6 rounds
Sara Sise Gulf Breeze 6 rounds
John Sterling Christ Episcopal School 2 rounds
Ariel Story-Williams Hire 6 rounds
Mike Trevithick Mullen HS 6 rounds
Brittany Waters Northview High School 3 rounds