New York City Invitational Debate and Speech Tournament

2018 — Bronx, NY/US
LD Debate Paradigm List
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Brianna Aaron Success Academy Manhattan HS 6 rounds
Jonathan Alston Newark Science
Kenan Anderson Hire 7 rounds
Jack Ave Poly Prep Country Day School 3 rounds
Ari Azbel Hire 7 rounds
Sam Azbel Niskayuna High School 3 rounds
Aida Bathily Success Academy Manhattan HS 6 rounds
Grant Brown Lake Highland Preparatory 4 rounds
Lavanya Chandrashekar Blair Academy 3 rounds
Preetham Chippada Walt Whitman 7 rounds
Talia Coyne Hunter College 7 rounds
Shawn Crisp Lake Mary High School 7 rounds
Henry Curtis Lexington HS 7 rounds
Tiffany Dacheux Dallastown 5 rounds
Daniel Daks Brentwood School 3 rounds
Abhilash Datti American Heritage Boca/Delray HS 6 rounds
Andres de Loera Hire 7 rounds
Eric Deng Harrison 7 rounds
Bhavya Dhulia Syosset HS 3 rounds
Nicholas Dolinger Pennsbury HS 3 rounds
Evan Dugery La Salle College HS 5 rounds
Raymond Evans Santa Monica High School 3 rounds
Melanie Evers Corner Canyon HS 4 rounds
Tom Evnen Lake Highland Preparatory 3 rounds
Zoë Ewing Byram Hills HS 1 rounds
Adegoke Fakorede Newark Science 4 rounds
hope fallin Ridgewood HS Independent 3 rounds
Katherine Fennell Millburn High School 7 rounds
Zhiguang Gao Millburn High School 5 rounds
Sunil Gedela William G. Enloe HS 3 rounds
Mark Gorthey Walt Whitman 7 rounds
Michael-Scott Greco Acton Boxborough RHS Independent Entry 5 rounds
Chetan Hertzig Harrison 7 rounds
Lauren Hince New Trier High School 6 rounds
Riba Hossain Lexington HS 6 rounds
Wesley Hu Hire 7 rounds
Francis Ilankumaran Montville 3 rounds
Victor Jih Brentwood School 5 rounds
Nathan Johnston Trinity Preparatory School 3 rounds
Josh Johnwell Success Academy Manhattan HS 7 rounds
Jeffrey Kahn Strath Haven 7 rounds
Loveleen Kang King High School 5 rounds
Ranger Kasdorf Woodgrove 5 rounds
Julia Kennedy Ransom Everglades 4 rounds
Raul Larsen DuPont Manual High School 5 rounds
Mina Lee Edgemont HS 6 rounds
Erik Legried Brentwood School 6 rounds
Michelle Li Westview Independent 3 rounds
Richard Ma Phillips Academy Andover 3 rounds
Thomas Maher Chantilly Independent 5 rounds
Michelle Marin Chatfield Senior High 1 rounds
Daiya Massac Lake Travis High School 3 rounds
Monben Mayon Hire 7 rounds
David McGinnis West Des Moines Valley HS 7 rounds
Emily Mikkelsen Charlotte Catholic HS 7 rounds
Joseph Millman Byram Hills HS 6 rounds
David Min Scarsdale HS 7 rounds
Linda Mohlenhoff Roslyn HS 7 rounds
heaven montague Hire 7 rounds
Jacob Nails Hire 7 rounds
Jake Nebel Hire 7 rounds
Ariel Olson Hire 7 rounds
Kemi Omoregie Newark Science 3 rounds
Spencer Orlowski American Heritage Plantation HS 7 rounds
Bob Overing Cambridge Rindge and Latin 3 rounds
Raffi Piliero Hire 3 rounds
Christine Poveda Hire 7 rounds
Samita Rahaman Hire 7 rounds
Adam Rand Woodgrove 5 rounds
Diganta Rashed Hire 7 rounds
Elle Lauren Reed Hire 7 rounds
Alyssa Reinhardt Catonsville HS 2 rounds
Carly Rieger West Des Moines Valley HS 5 rounds
Sanjoy Roy Princeton 7 rounds
Bailey Rung Hire 7 rounds
Steve Scopa West Broward Independent 7 rounds
Sarita Shah Lake Highland Preparatory 2 rounds
Richard Shin Unionville 5 rounds
Aleksandar Shipetich Hire 7 rounds
Martin Sigalow Lake Highland Preparatory 4 rounds
Sam Spiller Pinnacle HS 3 rounds
John Staunton Hire 7 rounds
Tim Stroud Woodrow Wilson 5 rounds
Lily Sun Montgomery Blair 5 rounds
Andrew Sun-Yan Montville 2 rounds
Deborah Swenson Davis Senior HS 3 rounds
Ivelisse Tirado Bergen County Academies 5 rounds
Andrew Torrez Catonsville HS 6 rounds
Becca Traber Lake Highland Preparatory 4 rounds
Ananta Wadhwa Interlake 7 rounds
Daneng Wang Millburn High School 5 rounds
Harry Wang Syosset HS 2 rounds
Kathy Wang The Quarry Lane School 7 rounds
Reed Weiler Lexington HS 7 rounds
Andrew Welton Collegiate School 3 rounds
Marna Weston Oak Hall 3 rounds
Ashley White Newark Science 6 rounds
Brian Wiora Hire 7 rounds
Pacy Yan Stuyvesant HS 7 rounds
Yan Yuan Needham HS 3 rounds
Paul Zhou Walt Whitman 3 rounds
Gillian Zipursky Scarsdale HS 7 rounds