National Speech and Debate Tournament

2023 — Phoenix/Mesa, AZ/US

Stephen Macartney Paradigm

Lincoln Douglas
Lincoln Douglas Debate Judge Philosophy

Your experience with LD Debate (check all that apply)

Current LD coach
Current Public Forum coach or judge
Speech coach

How many years have you judged LD debate?


How many LD rounds have you judged this year?


What is your preferred rate of delivery?

3/91 = Slow conversational style
9 = Rapid conversation speed

Does the rate of delivery weigh heavily in your decision?


Will you vote against a student solely for exceeding your preferred speed?


How important is the criterion in making your decision?

It may be a factor depending on its use in the round

Do you feel that a value and criterion are required elements of a case?


Rebuttals and Crystallization


Voting issues should be given:

At the end of the speech

The use of jargon or technical language ("extend", "cross-apply", "turn", etc.) during rebuttals:

Should be kept to a minimum

Final rebuttals should include:


Voting issues are:

Not necessary

How do you decide the winner of the round?

I decide who is the person who persuaded me more of their position

How necessary do you feel the use of evidence (both analytical and empirical) is in the round?

9/91 = Not necessary
9 = Always necessary

Please describe your personal note-taking during the round

I keep detailed notes throughout the round
Additional remarks:

My favorite debates are rigorous, but friendly. I actually appreciate when one debater accepts one of their opponent's arguments as valid, but persuades me that they should still win the round. I will make my decision based on who is the most persuasive, but persuading me will be done by showing with evidence that one side upholds their value and criterion better than the other side. In order to do this, a debater must speak slowly and clearly enough for me to hear and understand the arguments.

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