Johns Hopkins Annual Harambe Memorial Tournament

2016 — Baltimore, MD/US

Judges in APDA (27 judges)

First Last School State
Trevor Colliton City New York NY
Russell Potter Hired
Emma Ashe Hired
Jake Miller Hired
Rishabh Sharma College of New Jersey NJ
Steve Reitz American DC
Nena Gallegos American DC
Yidi Wu Brown RI
Diana Wallens George Washington DC
Zach Slotkin George Washington DC
Mia Berman Hired
Alex Mericola Franklin and Marshall PA
Quinn Maingi Hired
Dan Takash Hired
Crystal Lee Hired
Krystal Freeland City New York NY
Julie Scott American DC
Reca Sarfati Brown RI
Kevin Wong George Washington DC
Rachel Kane George Washington DC
Jonah Scharf College of William and Mary MD
Michael Koo Hired
Harry Zhang Hired
Kuan Hian Tan Hired
Katy Li Hired
Mia Ehrenberg Hired
Alicia Depler Franklin and Marshall PA