Niles Township Invitational

2016 — Skokie, IL/US

Judges in Open Policy (60 judges)

First Last School State Rounds
Christian Kline Dr Bessie Rhodes Magnet IL 3
Sam Roth Northside CP IL 6
Chad Infante Evanston Township IL 3
Stephanie King Rufus King WI 6
Cvetko Georgevich Lane Tech IL 4
Ayesha Patel Lane Tech IL 6
Jeff Hannan Evanston Township IL 3
Raja Archie Evanston Township IL 6
Matt Stefanko Rosemount MN 3
Conor Cameron Solorio IL 6
Wes Folwer Lane Tech IL 6
Dara Davis Lane Tech IL 6
June Kuoch Minneapolis Washburn MN 6
Benjamin Friedman Whitney Young IL 2
Robb Berry Northside CP IL 3
Wayne Tang Northside CP IL 3
Rishee Batra New Trier IL 4
Eric Oddo Hired 1
Amanda Nguyen Lane Tech IL 6
Alexis Chavez Lane Tech IL 6
Caitlin Miller Jones CP IL 6
Alina Cui Northside CP IL 6
Sari Hernandez Chicago Lab IL 3
John Tao Solorio IL 3
Sonny Patel Chicago Lab IL 6
gerard gueringer Walter Payton CP IL 4
Imran Makani Walter Payton CP IL 6
Xavier Hernandez Walter Payton CP IL 2
Matthew Yasuoka Jones CP IL 6
Roger Waite Whitney Young IL 4
Ann Peter Maine East IL 6
Aaron Vinson New Trier IL 3
David Heidt Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart FL 2
Dana Randall Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart FL 2
Brett Bricker Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart FL 2
Alyssa Corrigan Glenbrook North IL 4
Lizzie Prete Hired 6
Brad Meloche Hired 6
Maggie Solice New Trier IL 5
Ian Miller Hired 6
Val McIntosh Hired 6
Margaret Strong Hired 6
Laila Abdelmonem Glenbrook North IL 6
Marquis Ard Glenbrook North IL 6
kat sears New Trier IL 4
Anthony Ogbuli Hired 6
Jackson Challinor New Trier IL 5
Hiba Sheikh Whitney Young IL 6
Chris Stinson South MN 6
Avi Dravid Glenbrook South IL 5
John Lawson Wylie E. Groves MI 3
Max Pilcher West Des Moines Valley IA 6
Chris Coleman Glenbrook South IL 5
Jonass Placitis Glenbrook South IL 4
Brian Roche Glenbrook South IL 5
Tyler Thur Glenbrook South IL 1
Jon Voss Glenbrook South IL 1
Tim Freehan New Trier IL 6
Jyleesa Hampton Hired 6
Kevin McCaffrey Glenbrook North IL 6