Damien Chuck Ballingall Memorial Invitational Virtual Edition

2020 — La Verne/Virtual, CA/US


Saturday, October 3  (All times Pacific)

7:00 – 7:30 A.M. Virtual Registration via Tabroom.com (all events except WSDC) 

8:30 A.M. Round One, Parli/Policy/Public Forum/LD Debate (PF an LD will be double flighted)

11:00 A.M. Round Two, Parli/ Policy/Public Forum/LD Debate

Approximately 1:30 p.m. Virtual Trivia Contest

2:30 P.M. Round Three, Parli/Policy/Public Forum/LD Debate

4:30 P.M. Round Four, Parli/Policy/Public Forum Debate/LD Debate


Sunday, October 4

8:30 A.M. Round Five, Parli/ Open Policy/Public Forum/ LD debate Also first elimination round for Novice Policy

9:00 A.M. Round 1 WSDC Debate

11:30 A.M. First Elimination Round, Parli/Policy/Public Forum/LD Debate, Second Elimination Round for Novice Policy (if possible, PF and LD will be single flighted)

11:30 A.M. Round 2 WSDC Debate

2:15 PM (or ASAP) Second Elimination Round, Parli/Policy/PF, LD Debate, Third Elimination Round for Novice Policy (elim debates to follow as needed)

1:30 P.M. Round 3 WSDC Debate

3:30 WSDC Finals (if entries warrant, we will have additional WSDC elim debates)


(We will have elimination debates as soon as possible. Please keep track of tabroom.com)


We will not have a virtual awards ceremony