Louisiana District Tournament

2020 — US

Louisiana District Qualifier

for the 2020 National Tournament
Dutchtown High School
Geismar, LA
Fri 1/10 Fri 1/10 HOU SEN
Speech and Debate
Southside High School
Youngsville, LA
Sat 4/11 Sun 4/12

Extemp topic areas

Topic areas for Districts:


Rd 1.- Defense, Military, and Foreign Policy

Rd. 2- Health and Education

Rd. 3- Elections 2020

Rd. 4- The Trump Administration

Rd. 5- Business and Economics



Rd. 1- Asia

Rd. 2- US Foreign Policy

Rd. 3- Europe and the Americas

Rd. 4- Africa and the Middle East

Rd. 5- Economics