Arkansas District Tournament

2020 — US

Arkansas District Qualifier

for the 2020 National Tournament
Cabot Freshman Academy
Cabot Freshman Academy,
Fri 2/28 Fri 2/28 HOU SEN
Cabot Freshman Academy
Cabot Freshman Academy,
Fri 2/28 Sat 2/29 DI DUO HI INF IX OO POI USX
Cabot Freshman Academy
Cabot Freshman Academy,
Fri 2/28 Sun 3/1 BQ LD CX PF

Updated Schedule 02-24-2020

NSDA 2020 Districts Schedule




Friday February 28th:


12:45 pm - Early Registration Congress Only

1 pm till 4 pm- Senate Session I

1 pm till 4:45 pm- House Session I

6pm till 9 pm- Senate Session II

6 pm till 9:45 pm- House Super Session




Friday February 28th:


4pm- Registration

5pm-7pm - LD/PF/CX Round 1

7:15pm-9:15pm - LD/PF/CX Round 2


Saturday February 29th:


8:30am till 10am- LD/PF/CX Round 3 (Power Matched)

10:45am till 12:30pm- LD/PF/CX Round 4 (Power Matched)

1pm till 2:30pm - CX Qualifiying Round

1:30pm till 2:30pm- LD/PF Quarters

3pm till 4pm- LD/PF Semis

4:30pm till 5:3opm- LD 3rd Place Qualifier Run Off Round

6pm till 7pm- Awards

7:15pm till 8:15pm- BQ Round 1

8:30pm till 9:30pm- BQ Round 2


Sunday March 1st: 


7:30am- WS Training

8am till 9am- BQ Round 3 (Power Matched)

8am till 9:30am- WS Round 1

9:30am till 10:30am- BQ Round 4 (Power Matched)

9:45am- WS R2 Impromptu Topic Announced

10:45am till 12pm- WS Round 2

11:30am till 12:30pm- BQ Quarters

12:30pm till 2pm- WS Round 3

1:15pm till 2:15pm- BQ Semis

2:30pm- WS Impromptu Motion Elim 1 Announced (IF NEEDED. If break to a semi-final, biofuels will be debated in the qualifying round)

3pm till 4pm - BQ Finals

3:30pm-5pm- WS Elim 1

5:30pm-7pm- WS Elim 2 (IF NEEDED)




Friday February 28th: 


4pm- Registration

4:30pm till 5:30pm- HI/DI/OO/INFO Round 1

5:45pm till 6:45pm- HI/DI/OO/INFO Round 2

7pm till 8pm- HI/DI/OO/INFO Round 3

8:30pm till 9:30pm - HI Semis. DI Semis. OO Semis. INFO Finals.


Saturday February 29th: 


7:30am- Extemp Draw Round 1

8am till 9am- IX/USX/DUO/POI Round 1

10am- Extemp Draw Round 2

10:30am till 11:30am- IX/USX/DUO/POI Round 2

12:15pm- Extemp Draw Round 3

12:45pm till 1:45pm- IX/USX/DUO/POI Round 3

2pm till 3pm- HI Finals. DI Finals. OO Finals.

2:15pm- IX Finals Draw. USX Semis Draw.

2:45pm till 3:45pm- IX Finals. DUO Finals. POI Semis. USX Semis.

4:15pm- USX Finals Draw

4:45pm till 5:45pm- POI Finals and USX Finals