Steven Davis Invitational at Ardrey Kell

2019 — Charlotte, NC/US

Congressional Debate Information

Ardrey Kell will simultaneously host the Steven Davis Invitational Congress, as well as the Carolina West District Congress, on Saturday, Feb. 23.

NON-MEMBER schools of the Carolina West NSDA District may enter Congressional Debate by registering on this tournament page like normal. Competitors in Congressional Debate may not double enter.

MEMBER schools of the Carolina West NSDA District who are entering students in the District Congress in either the House or the Senate must make all entries on the District tournament site at

Non-competitive students who are entered in the Carolina West District Congress may ALSO compete in events at the Steven Davis Invitational. For example, a Lincoln Douglas debater who is filling a spot in the House at the District Congress may, after fulfilling their speaking obligation in Congress, also compete in all rounds of Lincoln Douglas at the tournament. This is applicable to all events, both speech and debate. Coaches must make sure to enter students on BOTH sites. Please email the tournament director if you have any questions!