University of Houston Cougar Classic

2019 — Houston, TX/US


Debate Schedule



Debate (Policy, Lincoln-Douglas, Public Forum)



8:00 am

Round 1 (Preset)

10:15 am

Round 2 (Preset)

1:30 pm

Round 3 (High-Low within Brackets)

4:15 pm

Round 4 (High-Low within Brackets)

6:45 pm

Round 5 (High-Low within Brackets)




(Subject to change based on final numbers; times will be accelerated where possible)



7:00 am

Pairings & Challenges

8:00 am

ALL: First elimination round (Most Likely: Doubles of LD, PF, Flighted; Octos of CX)

10:45 am

ALL: Second elimination round

12:00 pm

LD/PF: Quarterfinals

1:30 pm

CX: Semifinals

2:00 pm

LD/PF: Semifinals

4:30 pm

CX: Finals | LD/PF: Finals

7:15 pm