The Tradition Round Robin

2018 — Weston, FL/US

Congress Schedule + Information

Please pay attention to the below information regarding the Congressional Debate Round Robin. I'm very excited about the schedule/events we have for you!!! 


8:30a-10a: Morning Hour Speeches (Topic Area: US Education policy) Please craft a 3 minute speech regarding an aspect of Educational Reform in the State of Florida that you are passionate about. This round will be 3 minute speeches and 3 minutes of Cross Examination. The judges for this round will be Ms. Laurie Rich-Levinson from the BCPS School Board and Mr. John Sullivan, Director of Legislative Affairs for BCPS)

10:30a-12:30p: Session 2: This will be a regular session about the first TWO bills in the packet, you may choose to affirm or negate either or both bills. 

2-5pm Session 3: This will be the 3rd bill of the packet, people will randomly be assigned aff or neg, and go head to head against someone else, this means negative speeches must be prepared to refute the affirmative's argument, affirmative speeches should try and pre-empt some of negative arguments. CX for each will be given by the other person in the head to head match-up. 


Any questions? Please email