Corona Rostrensis at Charlotte Latin School

2018 — Charlotte, NC/US


Tentative Tournament Schedule
For all events except Congressional Debate

Upon arrival, coaches and judges should gather in Shelton Hall, the Lower School cafeteria.  Students should gather in Founders Hall, the Middle/Upper School cafeteria.  Extemporaneous Speaking preparation will take place in the Media Center.

Saturday, November 3
8:00-8:45   Registration, Shelton Hall
8:45   Opening Announcements, Shelton Hall (Judges & Coaches), Founders Hall (Students)
9:00   Extemp Draw Begins
9:00-10:30   Round 1
10:30   Extemp Draw Begins
10:30-12:00   Round 2
12:00   Extemp Draw Begins
12:00-1:30   Round 3
1:30   Extemp Draw Begins
1:30-3:00   Round 4
3:30   Extemp Draw Begins
3:30-5:00   Finals
6:30-7:15   Awards Assembly, Thies Auditorium
* Students must be prompt to each round.


Congressional Debate Schedule
Saturday, November 3
8:00-8:45   Registration, Shelton Hall
9:00-9:30   Opening Announcements, Ways & Means (all in Chambers)
9:30-12:00   Preliminary Session 1
1:00-3:30   Preliminary Session 2
4:00-6:00   Final Session
6:30-7:15   Awards Assembly, Thies Auditorium
*Priority/recency will run continuously across all preliminary sessions.