New York City Invitational Debate and Speech Tournament

2018 — Bronx, NY/US

Miscellaneous Information

Food & Beverage

At Bronx Science, we will provide participants with dinner on Friday, lunch and dinner on Saturday and lunch on Sunday.  We have a dedicated group of volunteer parents and alumni who are working hard to prepare a delicious feast for these days.  At PS/MS 95, only lunch will also be served on Saturday.  Speech and Congress participants will be able to have dinner at Bronx Science. As in the past, all meals at the NYC Invitational will represent a wide range of cuisines and the culinary talents of our team parents.

Concessions, including snacks and beverages, will be available for purchase at both Bronx Science and PS/MS 95.

The judges' lounge will be well stocked at both schools with delicious food and a variety of snacks and beverages for the duration of the tournament.

Classrooms and Offices

All rounds will be held in classrooms and offices of both schools.  We ask that all participants, coaches and judges only consume food in the cafeteria and judges' lounges. Please also be mindful to return the classrooms and offices to the way you found them.  Both schools and their school yards are a no smoking environment.

Electronic Devices

WiFi information for both schools will be provided at the tournament. Coaches, judges and competitors should have their own wireless compatible device for easy access to tabroom. For Policy, Lincoln-Douglas and Public Forum, the tournament will be entirely electronic.  For Speech and Congress, we strongly recommend that all coaches, judges and competitors also have electronic access. It is the responsibility of the participants to insure that they have all necessary chargers and wires to ensure that their devices are fully functional. We cannot can take any responsibility for technical failure and assistance will be limited.