43rd University of Pennsylvania Tournament

2018 — Philadelphia, PA/US

Speech Schedule

Speech will run on Saturday in 2 brackets (Dec, Duo, HI, OO) and (DP, Ext, OI).

We are looking to break to Quarter Finals in Dec, OO, Ext, and OI.  DUO, HI, DP will break straight to Semi-Finals.

The following is the TENTATIVE Speech Schedule.  We look forward to seeing you next weekend.  I will send updates if changes to the schedule are required.

Times in EST
9:00 AM Speech 1A DEC, DUO, HI, OO,
10:30 AM Speech 1B DI, EXT, OI,
12:00 PM Speech 2A DEC, DUO, HI, OO,
1:30 PM Speech 2B DI, EXT, OI,
3:00 PM Speech 3A DEC, DUO, HI, OO,
4:30 PM Speech 3B DI, EXT, OI,
6:00 PM Speech 4A DEC, DUO, HI, OO,
7:30 PM Speech 4B DI, EXT, OI,
9:30 AM Speech Quarters DEC, EXT, OI, OO,
11:45 AM Speech Semis DEC, DI, DUO, EXT, HI, OI, OO,
2:00 PM Speech Finals DEC, DI, DUO, EXT, HI, OI, OO,