The Milo Cup at Millard North

2018 — Omaha, NE/US

Congress Information

Take a look at the posted docket. Each team can select one piece of legislation to claim for their entries. That legislation will be earmarked for appropriate authorship rights. First come first serve, so email me at to claim your legislation. I must hear from a coach before the claim will be made official.


So far, all legislation is unclaimed. I will update the file and this page accordingly as claims are made.


Finals Session Docket

A Bill to Increase Federal Funding to the Research of Cancer (HASTINGS)

A Resolution to Encourage the United Nations to Assist in the Establishment of Breast Milk Banks in Developing Nations (NORFOLK)

A Resolution to Amend the Constitution to Restore Voting Rights for All Citizens of the United States (LINCOLN HIGH)

Prelims Session Docket

A Bill to Ban Federal Dollars from Being Spent on Abstinence Only Sexual Ed Programs (LINCOLN SOUTHEAST)

A Bill to Ban the Practice of Tip Pooling

A Bill to Ban the Practice of Fracking in the United States (ELKHORN SOUTH)

A Resolution to Encourage the United Nations to Apply Pressure to Russia’s Arms Manufacturing Efforts (MILLARD SOUTH)

A Bill to Hold Companies Accountable for Data Insecurity (CEDAR RAPIDS KENNEDY)

A Bill to Provide Oversight to the Federal Election Process (OMAHA NORTH)

A Bill to Mandate Release of Video  Footage in Officer-Involved Shootings (LINCOLN EAST)

A Bill to Protect Military Interpreters (MILLARD WEST)

A Bill to End the Military’s Use of Weaponized Drones (LINCOLN NORTH STAR)