OCSL Spring High School and Middle School Tournament

2018 — Irvine, CA/US

Congress Bills

A Resolution to Designate Pakistan as a State Sponsor of Terror

WHEREAS, Terrorism has emerged as one of the largest threats to global peace and security; and

WHEREAS, Terrorist organizations have claimed hundreds of thousands of lives over the last decade; and

WHEREAS, The support of Pakistan’s military and Inter-Services Intelligence Directorate helped create these terrorist groups; and

WHEREAS, Pakistan currently harbors more than ten terrorist organizations, including the Taliban and Al-Qaeda; and

WHEREAS, Without Pakistani support and safe haven, these terrorist organizations would not have been able to wage a successful insurgency; and

WHEREAS, The United States has still refused to recognize Pakistan as a state sponsor of terror; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED, That the Congress here assembled make the following recommendation to officially designate Pakistan as a state sponsor of terror; and, be it

FURTHER RESOLVED, That the United States impose targeted sanctions against select military and intelligencelinked Pakistani companies until the country’s support for terrorists is halted.


A Resolution to increase Sanctions in Venezuela in Order to Encourage Economic and Government Stability

WHEREAS, Venezuela is in a state of economic and political turmoil; with a government that

is on the verge of becoming a dictatorship. By increasing economic sanctions, the

U.S. would be able to incentivize a reversal of the tyrannical regime of President Nicolás Maduro.

WHEREAS, after presidents Chavez rule oil prices fell dramatically thus the money siphoned off for 

social programs and food became unsustainable. Leading to a 50% decrease of exports since 2016.

WHEREAS, these exemptions cause not only additional bureaucratic layering on a municipal

level but additionally become more costly for consumers as a result of unequal

application of these policies; and

WHEREAS,the collapse of the oil industry which accounted for 96% of its exports;

hyperinflation has skyrocketed to 700%. Leaving more 76% of the population impoverished

WHEREAS, the rise of an oppressive, chauvinistic government has led to violent

demonstrations, which threaten the lives of Venezuelan citizens.

RESOLVED,That the Congress here assembled make the following recommendation for an

increase of sanctions in order to incentivize Venezuelan government to right there inadequacy.


A Resolution to Repeal the Jones Act

WHEREAS, The Merchant Marine Act of 1920, also known as The Jones Act, is an archaic law originally intended as a protective measure against German encroachment on the US shipping industry following World War 1; and

WHEREAS, The Jones Act’s requirement to use only American-owned businesses and American-made ships in domestic shipping has created a tremendous financial burden, particularly on US island territories; and

WHEREAS, The Jones Act has increased the cost of consumer goods and necessities by as much as 40% in US territories like Puerto Rico; and

WHEREAS, The law has had a detrimental effect on Puerto Rico’s economyin particular, with a 2010 university study indicating an impact of $537 million per year on the island economy as a direct result of this law; and

WHEREAS, The restrictions created by the Jones Act greatly delay our ability to provide aid to our US territories in response to natural disasters; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED, That the Congress here assembled repeal the Jones Act.