Minotaur Invitational

2018 — Buckeye, AZ/US

Radio Broadcasting


  • Contestants will prep a half-hour before the event – just like Extemp.
  • They will come into the room one at a time – again, like Extemp.
  • Contestants are allowed to use all the notes and papers they wish.  This is not a memorized event.
  • When the contestant enters the room, hand him or her the stopwatch provided by the ballot table.  They will time themselves.  You also need to time them.
  • The judge must sit with their back to the contestant.
  • You both start your timers.
  • The contestant will present a five minute radio broadcast. It should be judged as if you were listening to the radio news.  They will have been given instructions on the contents of the broadcast such as types of news to use, sports, weather, etc.
  • Some rounds will be open – that is, any news item will do.  Others will have specific instructions – business news, all sports, science news, entertainment, etc.
  • The broadcast must finish at five minutes:  no more, no less.  That is the skill of the radio broadcaster!
  • The contestant is responsible for reformatting newswire, internet and newspaper stories into broadcast ready copy.  There is a skill to this.