The Milo Cup at Millard North

2017 — NE/US

Congressional Debate

TO CLARIFY WHAT WILL BE AN UNUSUAL SITUATION: we no longer intend to run congress as a prelim and finals over two days set up. Instead, we will be running congress as two single-day tournaments. Entries on Friday will be eligible to win Friday's congress tournament, and entries on Saturday will be eligible to win Saturday's congress tournament. I will be amending the docket shortly to reflect the two distinct dockets.


CLICK HERE for the Congressional Debate docket for the 2017 Milo Cup at Millard North.


Coaches can email me at to claim a maximum of two pieces of legislation for their school. I will be updating the docket file frequently as schools claim legislation, but in the event that the legislation you select was picked by another school prior to the file being updated, I will be in touch ASAP.