Debbie Johnson MS HS Novice Tournament

2024 — Austin, TX/US

Debbie Johnson

For those of you who do not know Debbie Johnson, so was the Speech and Debate coach at Round Rock HS for 33 years. In the eyes of RRISD and the coaches here, she was a legend. I choose to take every opportunity to promote her name and her memory (she is still with us in case that was confusing).

A few years ago the NDT released a list of participant high schools for those that made it to finals of the college National Debate Tournament. Round Rock HS was the second most represented. The current head coach at the University of Texas and so many others in our communities where impacted by her decades of work.

I personally will always see her by my hero. In a time when coaches that stay in the community for such a short period of time; in a world when people change jobs more than clothes she is something I choose to treasure.