TFA State 2024

2024 — Houston, TX/US

Extemp Information

Round 1: Health Care and Education
Round 2: Politics in the Biden Era
Round 3: Science, Technology, and the Environment
Quarters: Judicial Issues
Semis: Economic Matters
Finals: Foreign Policy and National Defense

Round 1: Europe
Round 2: Middle East and Africa
Round 3: Asia
Quarters: The Americas
Semis: Economic Matters
Finals: International Relations and Global Concerns

The final round will include a cross-examination period, as described below.

Cross-Examination Procedure: Each speaker shall be assigned a position in the speaking order. Drawing will take place at 12-minute intervals. Thirty minutes after Speaker 1 has drawn, the last Speaker shall enter the contest room. Speaker 1 shall give a speech and the last Speaker shall take notes and/or listen. At the conclusion of Speaker 1’s speech, the last Speaker shall cross-examine Speaker 1 for a time period not to exceed three minutes. The cross-examination will be an open format, similar to the cross-examination period employed in the final round of the NSDA National Tournament. The last Speaker shall return to the prep room and Speaker 1 shall stay to listen to and question Speaker 2. Speaker 2 will question Speaker 3, etc.