Westwood UIL Invitational

2024 — Austin, TX/US

Academic Information

Academic Information:

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Social Studies

News Writing


Editorial Writing

Number Sense

Computer Applications

Feature Writing

Ready Writing

Computer Science Hands-On

Headline Writing


Computer Science Written

Literary Criticism



Current Events

Copy Editing


·Schools are limited to 20 entries per school in Mathematics, Number Sense, Calculator, and the Computer Science written test. 10 entries per event in the other academic events.Exceptions are Ready Writing, and Computer Applications – 5 per school.The first 25 entries in Computer Applications will be accepted.

·Journalism entries (Editorial Writing, Feature Writing, Headline Writing, and News Writing) will be capped at 3 entries per event, per school. With additional entries allowed on the waitlist – which we monitor actively.

·Computer Science Hands-On entries will be limited to 1 team per school. Team consists of 3 students. The first 14 teams will be accepted into the event, with additional entries waitlisted. We will remove from the waitlist as we make sure we have the physical space. Our goal is to let are CS Hands-On folks in.

·Additional entries will be accepted based upon space availability. Please enter extra students onto the waitlist and they will be removed from the wait-list as space opens up.

·Please avoid drops at registration. You can continue to drop students on tabroom.Students wishing to enter both academic and forensic events must check times closely to be sure there is no conflict.

·Policy (CX) debate cannot cross enter in any other event.

·Students may use calculators; however, calculators will not be provided.

·The Number Sense test will begin promptly at 8:00 a.m. Please do not be late.

·A one-time fee of $30 is charged for any entries in Ready Writing or Journalism events (regardless of the number of entries). This is to help cover the high quality judges and graders we hire.

·Students entering Computer Applications are required to bring their own laptops/notebooks, printers, and power cords. They may begin setting up at 7:30.Students must be prepared by 8:00 AM.

·Coaches are asked to help grade papers in a few academic events. Please check at registration as to whether you will be needed to grade.Coaches please make a concerted effort to help in grading for your perspective academic events. This will make the tournament run smoothly and on time.

·Computer Applications entries are required to provide a judge.


1st- 3rd sweepstakes for Academics

1st- 6th place in all events.

1sti n Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.

Team awards in Accounting, Calculator, Computer Science, Current Events, Literary Criticism, Mathematics, Number Sense, Science, Social Studies, and Spelling.


1.All buses are requested to park in the student parking lot directly north of the school.

2.A concession stand will be provided in the cafeteria. All food and drinks must be consumed in the cafeteria.

3.All students must remain in the cafeteria or student center unless competing.

4.Students attending the tournament must be accompanied by a school sponsor or adult chaperone at all times.

5.All contestants are prohibited from entering the tab room, coaches only.

6.Contestants more than 15 minutes late for a round will forfeit that round.

7.Failure of a school’s designated judge to show for a judging assignment will incur a penalty fee equal to the cost of hiring a judge.

8.Stereos and radios (or any loud music) are prohibited.

9.Anyone caught vandalizing a classroom or the campus will cause their ENTIRE squad to be disqualified from the tournament without refund.

10.Smoking is prohibited. Smoking or use of any illegal substance on campus will result in disqualification.