The 49th Churchill Classic TOC and NIETOC Qualifier

2024 — San Antonio, TX/US

Extemp Topic Areas

Extemp Topic areas will be as follows.

Novice Extemporaneous Speaking
Rd 1: Education in the US
Rd 2: Energy and Climate
Sem: Global Health and Welfare
Fin: Leaders of the World

US Extemporaneous Speaking
Rd 1: State Laws and Controversies
Rd 2: American Socio-Cultural Issues
Rd 3: Dynamics of the 2024 Election Cycle
Qrt: Federal Bureaucracies and Systems
Sem: American Foreign Policy Process and Strategy
Fin: Industry and the Economy

International Extemporaneous Speaking
Rd 1: The Americas and Africa
Rd 2: East/Southeast Asia and Oceania
Rd 3: Europe and The Middle East
Qrt: Strategic Markets and Trade
Sem: International Organizations
Fin: Global Conflicts and Peace