Bridgeland CySprings Holiday Spectacular

2023 — NSDA Campus, TX/US

School Judges (You MUST provide them!)

Please note the following requirements regarding school judges:


Every school must have one judge available fore all prelim rounds and one round past elimination in each debate event entered (LD, PF, CX, WSD). Each school in Congress must provide at least one available judge in Congress. All entries are wait-listed until there are sufficient judges for your entries. You may NOT buy out of all judging for online debate or Congress. The tournament reserves the right to move you between debate pools to make sure that there are enough judges for the tournament to run smoothly.

ONLINE SPEECH (Bridgeland Speech & Cy-Springs Speech):

SPEECH (All IEs, Duo, and Duet): You must provide at least one full time adult speech judge for the entirety of the tournament if you have entries in any in-person speech individual events, Duo, or Duet. You may buy out of the remaining obligations.