Eagle Invitational

2024 — Taylors, SC/US


The Eagle Invitational tournament will use the same legislation as the District Congress tournament. The order of the bills may be different from the order of the District Congress docket. Bills by session are posted below:

Session 1

1. A Resolution to Amend the Constitution to Clarify Presidential Powers Relative to Treaties

2. A Bill to Promote the Construction of Ring Routes in Public Transit Systems

3. A Bill to Ban Homework

Backup Bill: A Bill to Establish Freedom of Dress in Congress

Session 2

1. A Bill to Mandate Veterinarians to Report Suspicions of Animal Cruelty

2. A Bill to Establish National Languages

3. An Act to Award a Posthumous Congressional Gold Medal to Henry Kissinger

Backup Bill: A Resolution to Condemn Federal Public Land Order No. 7923