John Edie Holiday Debates hosted by Blake

2016 — MN/US

Worlds Info

World Schools Debate 

Friday Practice Rounds

1:00 PM -- Roll Call and announcement of motion --

2:00 PM Spar Round 1 -- Dr. Berkowitz will announce exact time

3:00 PM -- Roll Call and announcement of motion

4:00 PM - Spar Round 2 -- Dr. Berkowitz will announce exact time


Round 1

Lake Minnetoka Room - Prop USA Red  Opp   Potomac RMY  -- Berkowitz - Rollins

Lake Harriett Room -- Prop Holy Cross  Opp USA Blue  Menon --Huston

Lake Calhoun room -- Prop Potomac KSL -- Opp Blake -- Strong--  Scholz


Round 2 TBA - Prop preps in the room    - all rooms on the fourth floor

 Lake Minnetoka Room - Prop Holy Cross   Opp USA Red    Menon  Opp prep in Lake of the Isles

Lake Harriett Room --  Prop Potomac RMY   Opp Blake  Strong  Hince  Opp  prep in Lake Nokomis

Lake Calhoun room --  Prop USA Blue   Opp Potomac KSL  Berkowitz Rystedt   Opp prep outside room at table and chairs


2016 WSDC Debate Schedule

December 15, 2016  (Thursday)

7 - 11 PM      Early Registration Available (Outside Mirage Room near Skyway A/B on 2nd Floor

December 16, 2016 (Friday)

8:00               Team USA Development Team training
1:00               Opportunity for “spar” rounds in the WSDC format for early arrivals
5:30               Registration for WSDC Tournament
9:00               Coach and Judge Reception 

December 17, 2016 (Saturday)

8:00                        Roll Call
8:30-10 AM              Round 1 Preset (South China Sea Motion)
10-11:30 AM            Round 2 Preset (South China Sea Motion)
12:25 PM                 Roll Call and Announcement of Motion
12:30-2:30 PM         Round 3  Preset (Impromptu Motion)
2:40 PM                   Roll Call and Announcement of Motion
2:45-4:45 PM           Round 4 Preset (Impromptu Motion)
5:30-7:00 PM           Demo Round - USA Development Team

Round 1/2 Motion - THBT China's claim of sovereignty over the islands in the South China Sea is justified

Demo Round Motion -- THBT the obligatino to provide safe haven for refugees should outweigh the government's right to control its borders

December 18, 2016 (Sunday) 

8:30 - 10:00 AM        Round 5 Powered (National Resources Motion)
10:00                       Roll Call and Announcement of Motion
10:00-12:00             Round 6 Lag-Powered (Impromptu Motion)
1-3PM                       Final Round (Cultural Treasures Motion)
3:30                         Awards

Round 5 Motion - THBT developing countries should nationalize companies that extract their national resources.

Final Round Motion - This House Would return cultural treasures to their countries of origin.