The 42nd Billy Tate Southern Bell Forum

2024 — Nashville, TN/US

Tournament History

Year Champion Finalist
2023 Peninsula Walter Payton
2022 Montgomery Bell Academy Berkeley Prep
2021 Chaminade Bellarmine
2020 Dallas Highland Park Woodward Academy
2019 Greenhill North Broward Prep
2018 Montgomery Bell Academy Woodward Academy
2017 Peninsula McDonogh
2016 Peninsula Centennial
2015 Pace Academy Centennial
2014 Stratford Academy St. Mark's School of Texas
2013 Stratford Academy St. Mark's School of Texas
2012 Greenhill School Glenbrook South
2011 St. Mark's School of Texas Greenhill School
2010 Glenbrook South New Trier
2009 Colleyville Heritage Bronx High School of Science
2008 Colleyville Heritage Stratford Academy
2007 Centerville Westminster Schools
2006 Greenhill School Woodward Academy
2005 Westminister Schools Chattahoochee
2004 Glenbrook North Colleyville Heritage
2003 Colleyville Heritage Westminster Schools
2002 St. Mark's School of Texas College Preparatory School
2001 Edgemont Glenbrook North
2000 Centerville Glenbrook North
1999 Head Royce Glenbrook North
1998 Glenbrook North Woodward Academy
1997 Greenhill School Iowa City West
1996 Greenhill School East Grand Rapids
1995 Lexington Westminster Schools
1994 Stuyvesant Lexington
1993 Newman Smith Brookfield Central
1992 South Garland Glenbrook North
1991 Kinkaid School East Grand Rapids
1990 St. Mark's School of Texas Harvard Westlake
1989 St. Mark's School of Texas Pace Academy
1988 Hendrick Hudson Downer's Grove
1987 Stuyvesant Kinkaid School
1986 Glenbrook North Loyola Academy
1985 Pace Academy Valley
1984 Dallas Jesuit Detroit Central Catholic
1983 Glenbrook North Kinkaid School