TFA OConnor OClassic

2023 — Helotes, TX/US


7:30 am


8:00 am

Congress Prelims

LD, PF, Policy Round 1

Duo, Duet, HI, PO Round 1

World Schools Round 1 Prepared

9:45 am

LD, PF, Policy Round 2

10:30 am

World Schools Round 2 Prepared

11:30 am

Extemp Draw Prelims (Auditorium)

DI, INFO Round 1

OO, PR Prelims

Duo, Duet, HI, PO Round 2

12:00 pm

Extemp Prelims

1:30 pm

LD, PF, Policy Round 3

World Schools Round 3 Impromptu Prep

2:30 pm

Duo, Duet, HI, PO Finals

World Schools Round 3 Impromptu

3:30 pm

Extemp Draw Semis (Auditorium)

DI, INFO Round 2

OO, PR Semis

4:00 pm

Extemp Semis

5:15 pm

Congress Finals

LD, PF, Policy Elim 1

World Schools Impromptu Prep for Semis/Finals

6:15 pm

World Schools Semis/Finals Impromptu

7:00 pm

Extemp Draw Finals (Auditorium)

7:30 pm


Extemp Finals

DI, OO, INFO, PR Finals

LD, PF, Policy Elim 2

World Schools Impromptu Prep Finals

8:30 pm or ASAP

Awards Ceremony for Congress, IEs, and Debate Top Speakers (Cafeteria)

LD, PF Elim 3 If necessary

Policy Elim 3 If necessary

World Schools Finals Impromptu, if necessary

Debate rounds will be accelerated if there are no cross-entry conflicts.

Judges will award trophies to debaters starting in quarterfinals.