New Horizons PF Tournament October II

2023 — Santo Domingo, DO

New Horizons Debate Academy

New Horizons Debate Academy

Since 2021 the New Horizons Debate Team opened it doors to students in other schools, creating an opportunity for many debaters to participate more actively in the activity, have access to debate camps, monthly internal tournaments, the captainship track, access the some of the most succesful and experienced debaters and coaches, and participation in international tournaments.

New Horizons Debate Academy is an opportunity to find a debating partner in the largest debate team in the region, and to be able to debate more frequently.

Members of New Horizons Debate Academy may choose to participate in local tournaments as representatives of their own schools, or as part of the New Horizons Debate Academy team.

Members may also participate in international debate tournaments as part of the New Horizons Debate team, with partners from their school, or the New Horizons Debate Team.

Find out today if New Horizons Debate Academy is the right fit for you. Just contact registro department at Colegio Bilingüe New Horizons.