Lindale Fall UIL

2023 — Lindale, TX/US

Academic Information

For academic registration, we just need you to reserve the number of spots that you'd like to bring for each event. We do not need names. We just need accurate numbers so that we can plan appropriately. (You are, of course, welcome to provide names.)

We will initially limit entries, but will do our best to allow as many as possible.

Writing events will be conducted in a computer lab, although competitors are allowed to bring their own equipment.

Sponsors are expected to be present for the test and grading.

Our plan is to split events into divisions (1A-4A are Small School and 5A-6A are Large School). We reserve the right to collapse specific events where divisions are not needed.


A+ - Computer Science (Written ONLY)

ASW - Spelling and Vocabulary (Pronouncer: Beth Grafton)

Hexco - Computer Applications

MRC - Accounting, Current Issues and Events, Literary Criticism, Social Studies, Ready Writing, Journalism (Plus Copy Editing)

TMSCA - Calculator, Math, Number Sense, Science