Little Rock Presents The Eras Tournament

2023 — Little Rock, AR/US

Equity Petitions & Inclusivity Statement

Little Rock Central Speech & Debate is committed to equity, fairness, and accessibility in competition. We expect that all participants, students, adults, judges, guests, and observers alike, adhere to our tournament rules and procedures, and assist us in providing a safe, positive, and educational experience for all.

Misconduct including harassment and/or discrimination, in any form, will not be tolerated. We expect our community's coaches to make informed decisions about who (and what) is allowed to observe and also adjudicate rounds. We reserve the right to dismiss any participant who does not meet our expectations.

Our BIC (Belonging and Inclusion Committee) will be Zack Tucker, Colton Gilbert, and Laila Meredith.
To submit a rules or equity petition, please use the form linked here.

A private restroom for competitors is located on first floor south across from the Tab Room (Room 134).

Should you or a member of your team need any additional accommodation, please reach out to before the tournament if possible. We cannot guarantee accommodation mid-tournament for any issues for which we could not adequately prepare.