Cal Parli Invitational

2023 — NSDA Campus, CA/US


  • The tournament will follow NPDL round rules. Internet preparation is permitted. Partner prep only. The focus of the debate should be on the analysis presented, and judges should disregard citations to publications. In the first two speeches, a debater from the non-speaking team may ask the speaker a non-argumentative point of clarification asking for more explanation ofthe speaker's advocacy. The speaker must take all POCs, and time stops during the question and answer.

  • Teams and their judges are responsible for disclosing conflicts related to club teams and other organizations. A judge who receives a ballot to judge a team affiliated with the same team as the judge must notify tab immediately, or the affected ballot will be given to the other team.

  • An adult chaperone must be reachable by telephone and/or text message at all times during the tournament.