2023 — La Mesa, CA/US


NOTE: A coach or authorized adult needs to be present and available to students from your school for the entirety of the tournament (for as long as students are participating). Students/unauthorized parents cannot be the primary contact with tournament officials.

Only adults out of high school who appear on the 2023-24 SDIVSL Membership Application (signed by a school administrator), or who are otherwise authorized by a school administrator from the team's school, are able to serve in this capacity.

Please stay up to date on emails and messages. It is coaches' responsibility to pass along necessary material to their students and judges.

Entry Limitations:

This tournament is open only to schools in the San Diego Imperial Valley Speech League. This tournament will offer a Varsity division and a Novice division in all events.

Each competitor may enter up to two events (those entered in any of the extemps may only enter extemp).

The Novice division is limited to students who have not competed in a high school speech or debate tournament in a previous school year.


Each school is required to provide 1 judge per 5 entries. Schools not meeting their judging commitment will be required to drop entries to match their available judges.

When you enter your judges, you are able to mark shifts that your judges are not available. Be sure that you let your judges know that they need to check in to the judges' room at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the round. Also, let them know that time blocks are estimates and actual end times will be determined by the progression of the tournament.

Do not wait until the last minute to confirm your judges. It is time consuming for tournament officials to have to manually add your judges during the tournament if you didn't straighten it all out in advance.

Entry Deadline:

Entries must be posted on by 5:00 p.m. on Monday, Sept 18 . No new teams or students may add after the entry deadline. The only changes allowed after the entry deadline is dropping entries (see below).


Dropped entries will be accepted without charge until Wednesday, Sept 20 at 5:00 p.m. After that time, the website will be closed and entry fees will be final. Please email ( your drops after the drop deadline, even as late as on your way to the tournament, to obviate excessive changes at the beginning of the tournament. When emailing drops, be sure to give the speaker’s name, event, and your school clearly.


Three preliminary rounds will be held in each event. The top seven speakers in each event, in each division, will break to a final round.

Extemp internet access and cell phone policy:

Following our experience with online tournaments and for concerns related to equity, CHSSA has officially allowed the use of internet and cell phones during prep for Extemporaneous. In order to prepare our students adequately for the State Tournament in April, SDIVSL will be following these rules at our League tournaments. Each tournament site will determine whether they are able to offer internet access to students in the prep room. This information will be posted on the tournament information page to allow teams to prepare adequately. However, tournament sites which offer internet access are NOT in any way guaranteeing that the internet access will function properly overall or for any particular student. There are no resources available for tournament officials to provide tech support and it is up to each coach and debater to troubleshoot any issues and develop backup options. No delays to prep time or rounds will occur due to internet issues. Other rules and regulations related to prohibiting communication with external individuals during prep, prohibiting the use of any electronic devices duringExtemprounds beyond cell phone timers on airplane mode, and prohibiting any note taking or speech writing on electronic devices remain.


Suitable recognition will be given to all finalists. There will be no sweepstakes awards for the League openers.