2023 Capitol Congressional Debate Meet

2023 — Austin, TX/US


12th Annual Austin Capitol Congressional Debate Tournament

7:30 – Registration outside Auditorium
8:15 – Oath of Office in the Auditorium
8:30 – Morning Chambers for Senate, House, and Novice Divisions
12:00 – 1:00 Lunch
1:15 – Final Chambers for Senate, House, and Novice Divisions
4:30 – Awards Ceremony in Auditorium

Notes for coaches, students, judges, parents:
~ Postings for Finals will be outside of TAB at 1:00 as well as on Tabroom.
~ Chamber orders can be found outside the Chamber rooms and at Registration. Each division will have a preliminary
round in the morning and a finals chamber in the afternoon.
~ Overall Sweeps Award to 1st Place and 2nd Place Schools
~ The Capitol Grill is located across from the Auditorium on Extension 1 at (E1.002) Please do not plan to leave the
building during lunch. Getting back through security at the Capitol Building can take quite long and rounds will not be
held for you. Students should make their way to the Grille as soon as their chamber is out. Coaches may also want to purchase food for students before they dismiss for lunch to ease congestion.
~Internet access is allowed in Congressional Debate. Internet accessibility is NOT provided but must be from the
students own personal internet account or hot-spot. HOWEVER, internet can be sketchy as the Extension of the Capitol,
where the debate chambers are located, is underground. We cannot guarantee that your students will have
access to a good signal in the chambers in which they will compete. Students MAY NOT communicate with other
students, coaches, visitors or spectators on their computer by internet during the debate.
~Ballots will be released through TABROOM.

Thank you for attending the 12 th Annual Austin Capitol Congressional Debate Tournament! Please contact Brian or
Donna, with any questions or comments.

Donna Szumila
THEO Christian Solutions, Inc.
214-587-1127 C

Brian Alford

A&M Consolidated HS