Elkins HS 21st Annual Speech and Debate Tournament

2023 — Missouri City, TX/US



* Updated 9/23/2023*



3:00Extemp Draw (Auditorium)

3:30Section A Prelims (FX, DX, NX, OO, IMP, INF) Round 1

4:00 WSD Debate Round 1- Prepared motion

5:00Section B Prelims (HI, DI, POI, PR, PO) Round 1, Debate Round 1

5:30 WSD Round II- Impromptu Prep Time

6:30Debate Round 2, WSD round II Duet/Duo Round 1,

Congress Prelims (6:30 to 10:30)

8:30Debate Round 3, Duet/Duo Round 2, WSD Round III Prepared Motion


7:30Extemp Draw (Auditorium)

8:00SectionAPrelims Round 2

9:00 Congress Finals (9:00 to 11:00)

9:30Debate Round 4, Duet/Duo Finals, Section B Prelims Round2

10:00 WSD Semis Prepared Motion

11:30Debate Eliminations (PF/LD Octos, NPF/NLD/CX/NCX Quarters),

Semis Section B

11:45 WSD Finals – Impromptu Motion Announcement

1:00 Extemp Draw (Auditorium); WSD Finals Round

1:30 Semis Section A

3:30Debate Eliminations 1 (PF/LD Quarters, NPF/NLD/CX/NCX Semis)

4:30 Extemp Draw (Auditorium)

5:30 Finals Sections A and B

6:30Debate Eliminations 2 (PF/LD Semis, NPF/NLD Finals)

7:30Debate Eliminations 3 (PF/LD/CX/NCX Finals)

*Schedule is subject to change based on entries. In the event of low IE entries, the tournament will drop to one IE prelim. In the event novice events do not make, they will be collapsed into the varsity events

Awardswill be announcedin the cafeteria following tabulation of the finals of each event. Debate awards will be available in the library after semis and finals of each event.

Debate Eliminations will be advanced depending on cross-entries throughout the day on Saturday—Please do not leave campus without checking on advancement, as students who are not available for elimination rounds of debate due to leaving campus will be given a loss.