Apple Valley Minneapple Debate Tournament

2023 — Apple Valley, MN/US

PF Schedule

Public Forum

**Note: The events assigned to each building are subject to change based on registration numbers. If there are changes, we will make an announcement and update the information here**

Public Forum debate at the Minneapple will be hosted at Falcon Ridge Middle School on Friday and Saturday. All Rounds Sunday will take place at Apple Valley High School.

The number of elims may vary depending on the number of entries.


3:00 pm - Round One

4:30 pm - Round Two

6:30 pm - Round Three


9:00 am - Round Four

11:00 am - Round Five

1:30 pm - Round Six

3:30 pm - Varsity Runoff (if needed), Novice Quarterfinals

6:00 pm - Varsity Double Octafinals (flighted), Novice Semifinals

7:30 pm - Novice Finals


9:00 am - Varsity Octafinals

11:00 am - Varsity Quarterfinals

1:00 pm - Varsity Semifinals

3:00 pm - Varsity Final